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Tourist attractions in Canela

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Steam World

Upon arriving at the World Steam in Canela, you will come across a dramatic collision a reassembly of the tragic railway accident that occurred in 1895 in the capital of France - Paris. A locomotive at high speed and ungoverned, crossed the station of Mount Parnassus, train station. The locomotive crossed the wall and got stuck at a height of 12 meters without touching the ground.

Catedral de Pedra

Cinnamon Stone Cathedral, was elected one of the seven wonders of Brazil in 2010, the portal of Earth news. After the election, she won an external lighting system. The night when the lights are acessas, the Stone Cathedral is lit with colored light show, stunning views of residents and tourists shuttle.

Vale da Ferradura

Nature has gifted the city of Canela with Horseshoe Valley, a lush nature that fills our eyes with its natural beauty, and surprises us with its wild animals that live in the Valley of Ferradura.O park is called the Valley of the Horseshoe because there are a curve in a horseshoe shape that the river falls. When you hear the phrase: "there where the river makes a curve," remember that this place exists and is in Canela.

Parque Terra Mágica Florybal

Opened in December 2011, the Florybal Park brings you to the pre history time. A world where magic is spread over 67,000 meters area boards verde.O park features attractions for all ages, children and adults will be enraptured this Earth Magic.

Eco Parque Sperry

Eco Sperry Park was a particular site that belongs to Tania Sperry. She along with biologist Victor Hugo Travi, prepare a project to transform the site into an ecological park. That was the beginning of a project that benefited everyone with the preservation of the environment.

Located eight kilometers from downtown Gramado and ten kilometers from the center of Canela, Eco Sperry Park has 20 hectares in the middle of the Atlantic Forest.

Vitivinícola Jolimont

The Jolimont Winery is located at the top of Serra Gaucha, ideal for the cultivation of grapes and production of the best wines of Brazil. The Jolimont Winery was the pioneer in the production of fine wines in Rio Grande do Sul.

Alpen Park

Elected in July as one of the main Brazilian and South American destinations for tourist entertainment by TripAdvisor users, the Alpen Park starts next month with another reason to celebrate. In August the park full 12 years and is handing out invitations for children and teenagers from 40 schools of Canela and Gramado.

Castelinho Caracol

Willkommen to Castelinho Caracol. One of the first houses of the town, which attempts to revive the customs of German immigrants in Canela.

Mr. Pedro Carlos Franzen and his wife Luiza Sommer, living in a simple house, and lived the timber trade, while building the Castelinho Caracol. The construction took only two years.

Parque e Cascata do Caracol

Snail park is seven kilometers from the center has 25 hectares. Come and enjoy, take pictures and film in this park full of attractions with walking trails, waterfalls and train, which is performed with the whistle Ze machinist who will long history of the southern migration and the early train travel in the region.

Museu da Moda - MUM

The founder and designer Milka Wolf features in its Museum of Fashion in Canela, a large women's clothing collection, from the time before Christ to the present day.

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