Tourist Attractions in Gramado

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Black Lake

The Lago Negro, one of the most beautiful postcards of Gramado, is situated in front of the St. Hubertus Inn, a set that makes the scenery perfect. From deep water and a dark green laden, the Black Lake is surrounded by pine trees, azaleas, hydrangeas and, at its margin, a walking trail. For the more adventurous or romantic, a pedal boat ride is also available.

Joaquina Rita Bier

Lake Joaquina Rita Bier in Gramado, is an artificial lake with 17 thousand square meters. The beautiful araucaria trees are over 70 years old. The lake was idealized by Leopoldo Rosenfeld. A small island in the center of the lake further adorns the beautiful landscape of the lake. An ideal place to go hiking or work out.

Major Nicoletti Square

Major Nicoletti Square was inaugurated in the 1930s, and in 2003 the square gained a new decoration with beautiful flowers and trees, benches for resting and public restrooms. Its fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers adorn even more the Square Major Nicoletti.

Medieval Museum

The Museum was built by the owner Gilberto Guzenski, practically alone. The construction of the castle in medieval fortress style was built with sandstone stones weighing 40 to 60 kilos, massive doors and windows Itaúba wood, made by the owner.

Holywood Cars

In it you can feel and live the atmosphere of emotion and nostalgia for the glamor of Hollywood, the golden years of the 50s and 60s, as well as meet wonderful old bikes, the most famous brands, restored to perfection.


Now the weather in Gramado is no longer waiting for you to watch the snow winter. On October 26, Snowland was inaugurated, America's first indoor snow park. All over the world there are only snow covered parks in England, Holland, Germany, Dubai, China, New Zealand and South Korea, and now in Brazil!

Covered Street

Rua Coberta is one of the most visited tourist spots in Gramado, due to being right in the center of the city and connecting the two avenues. The original name of Coberta Street is Rua Madre Verônica, are 100 meters long, with glass roof, so tourists can shelter during rainy days. Rua Coberta connects Av. Bordes de Medeiros to Rua Garibaldi, and is close to the Palais des Festivals.

Rasen Bier

It was time Gramado had his own Brewery.
But, of course, it could not be either. It had to be one that would satisfy the thirst of toasting our vast cultural, gastronomic and natural wealth. Here's Rasen Bier, Gramado Beer. Our culture is strong by the influence of the hard work of several European peoples, among them what cultivates the tradition of good beer: German.

St. Peter's Mother Church

Who thought that St. Peter's Church would become a popular tourist spot? The idea of ​​building the Church came from Archbishop Joao Becker in 1917. In the beginning was a small wooden chapel, later with the arrival of the parish priest Father Guilhermino Maschio in 1943, was given began the construction of the church, and took approximately 8 years to complete. At the entrance of the church there is a statue of St. Peter.

Ervateria Marcon

Inside one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil, the rural property of the Marcon family is located. Come and get to know this beautiful landscape of the interior of the Serra Gaúcha and know how are produced dehydrated fruits, the production of mate and various colonial products.

Gaucho Park

You live in the land of the pampas! This tourist spot in Gramado will bring you closer and immerse you in the life of the champion, experience the origins and understand the spirit of the gaucho culture. This is the essence of the Park Gaucho Gramado. An incredible place overlooking the Moreira Valley, a total area of ​​120 thousand meters, with 60 thousand of built area and 10 thousand of covered area. It is the only themed gaucho park in the world.


The zoo in Gramado has a large team of collaborators, veterinarians, biologists and environmental educators, nursery and veterinary hospital, as well as monitoring with security cameras. Essential to accompany and care for endangered animals and birds. A habitat where animals are treated with attention, affection and love for all.

Clock Church

Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB), known as Clock Church. It was inaugurated in 1953, ten years after the Church of St. Peter. The main attraction of the church is the bell, which was cast in 1826 in Germany, and the clocks in 1954, which can be admired at the top of the tower that has four faces.

Ravanello Winery

The climate of the Rio Grande do Sul region favors the production of the white, red and sparkling wines of the Ravanello Winery in Gramado. The vineyard has 2.5 hectares and the vineyard building 1,300m².You are invited to know, from the grape harvest to the process of storing the wines. After a guided tour of the winery, you can taste one of the best wines of the South.

Santa's village

The only Santa House that transcends fantasy, emanating an energy that makes us believe in a surreal reality. The Christmas mood here is year round. The house was built in 1940 by the German immigrants, in an area of ​​57 thousand square meters, but it is also known as the Knorr Mansion. Each room of the house is decorated with Christmas themes, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom, all richly decorated. A magical setting built in Bavarian style with German pines and real reindeer brought from northern Europe. A garden with elves illuminate the village of Santa Claus, giving grace and magic.


The Café Colonial de Gramado, home run with talent by the family of Erni Cavichion, maintains the traditional recipes of the culinary of the descendants of the Italian and German immigrants. The 80 varieties of sweets, sweet and savory, have made Gramado Café Colonial one of the best known tourist spots in the region.


Complex created to attend various types of business and tourism events in the city of Gramado, such as congresses, conventions, exhibitions, trade fairs and shows in a multifunctional space.

The versatile pavilions can be adapted to each event size.Complete the infrastructure the convention center with stage and three auditoriums, green area, mezzanine for restaurant, bar, canopy, meeting room.

Enchanted world

The Dream of the Enchanted World, started from Mr. Moacir Foss, who at a very young age began his first miniatures. His idea was to transmit through his miniatures the culture, tradition and customs of the time of the colonization of Europeans in the Rio Grande do Sul. One of his first works in miniatures, he went to the city of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, places where Jesus was born and crucified . This miniature that represents the history of Jesus, was exposed in the month of December of 1970 until 1972, in his old house, in Praça de Gramado.

World of chocolate

The Kingdom of Chocolate is the 1st chocolate themed space of Brazil, was inaugurated in 2008 by the company Caracol Chocolates. Whoever welcomes you is a huge chocolate rabbit, the largest in the world, this sweet bunny has already entered the Guinness Book, it weighs 1,640 kilos and is 2.95 in height, is not it worth to take a little bit of it? of the history of chocolate through a walk inside the Kingdom in an area of ​​1,600 square meters. Children and mainly adults were left with mouth water.